Martial Art: Review

Becoming a Shogun is no easy feat. To be the best, you have to show your worth, and what’s worth more than land and bridges in the early 1600s? In Martial Art, you are fighting your opponents for claim to the lands and bridges. Each land and bridge is worth points, and the first to twelve land points (or three bridge cards) wins Martial Art.

Dan Goes Inside Dragon Dodge

Today, Dan discusses the current Kickstarter campaign by Hidden Creek Games: Dragon Dodge. He talks with these first time creators about the challenges they faced, components, art and reviews. 

Project Nos: Video Review

In episode 56, Cassie’s checking out a light dice-rolling racing game arriving to Kickstarter soon from Mind the Gap Studios. Nothing says speed like frantic dice rolling! You can learn more about Project Nos here. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Want TIGR to review your upcoming Kickstarter? Visit our About Us page. Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes Playthrough: Toys by Steve Combs

Lesson #13 – Including a Print & Play

I often browse many kickstarter forums (mostly the groups on Facebook) and I often see the question come up of “Should I include a Print and Play (PnP) in my campaign?” Whether you decide to offer it for a price or give it out to everyone free of charge, I definitely think it is a good idea to include a Print and Play in your Kickstarter campaign. This post will explore all of the reasons why I feel the way I do.

Played at Protospiel-Minnesota 2017

The midwest is getting chock-full of Protospiel events; Michigan, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and the most recent I attended–Protospiel Minnesota. I traveled to frigid Minneapolis in January for another great weekend of gaming. And a busy weekend it was! From Thursday night to Sunday evening I played 15 games plus my own game twice. They ranged from ideas hatched in the last 24-hours to nicely produced prototypes and even an expansion to a published game. There was also a wide variety of themes, audiences, and play weights. Rather than sort games in the order I played them, for this article I have roughly ordered them by their “weight” from light family games to more intense strategy games. This post, part one of two, handles the lighter half, seven great prototypes from Protospiel Minnesota.

True Story: Review

In today’s review, Fairway does things a little different: reviews a party game, True Story, and thinks really, really, really hard about what it means for a game to be a game.  True Story is an adult party and drinking game that is, at its core, Never Have I Ever with Dixit-style scoring and… drinks. The game launched on Kickstarter, yesterday.