Played at Protospiel-Minnesota 2017

The midwest is getting chock-full of Protospiel events; Michigan, Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, and the most recent I attended–Protospiel Minnesota. I traveled to frigid Minneapolis in January for another great weekend of gaming. And a busy weekend it was! From Thursday night to Sunday evening I played 15 games plus my own game twice. They ranged from ideas hatched in the last 24-hours to nicely produced prototypes and even an expansion to a published game. There was also a wide variety of themes, audiences, and play weights. Rather than sort games in the order I played them, for this article I have roughly ordered them by their “weight” from light family games to more intense strategy games. This post, part one of two, handles the lighter half, seven great prototypes from Protospiel Minnesota.

Sheppy’s Greedy Claw Crane Game: Preview

What exactly is the draw of “the claw?” You know, stick a few quarters in, direct a crane claw over cheap toys, push a button and hope?  Oh, right. They’re frustratingly fun with slot machine like payoffs but the feeling that you actually control the outcome. It’s not true since most of the relevant things are randomized, but it works on us anyway.  This is the premise of the game Fairway previews today: David Sheppard’s Sheppy’s Greedy Claw Crane Game.