Chatty Cassie: Gen Con Favorites of 2017

It is no surprise to anyone when I tell them I like indie games. I mean the name of the website I write for is The Indie Game Report. When I attended Gen Con this past August, I was set on finding games that weren’t listed in “The Hotness” on BoardGameGeek. I wanted to find the games which were treasures hidden among the shiny franchised games.

Cardboarding with Carla: Runes of Ragnarok

Carla chats with Christopher Davis about his Kickstarter campaign, Runes of Ragnarok. Game Title: Runes of Ragnarok – A Game of Dice, Combat, and Strategy Short Description: Ragnarok has arrived. Become a god and battle for Asgard in this Norse themed dice building game. 4 gods, 50 custom dice, & 24 minions. Launch date: Nov 7th End date: Dec 16th Funded?: Not Yet Cost for a copy of the game: $40| Published by:  Windborn Games Campaign Link: Hello! Welcome to Cardboarding with Carla and thanks for being on this interview! Could we start off with you telling us a bit about yourself? My name is Christopher Davis. I’m from sunny southern California, am married to my beautiful wife / business partner Beth, and have a charming baby girl with said wife / business partner. This game is my first attempt at breaking into board games professionally, but I’ve been…

The Big Question & The Big Answer

I’m relaunching The Big Question / The Big Answer feature on Go Forth And Game. In The Big Question / The Big Answer I ask designers and gamers a question related to gaming via Twitter, email, and other means. I then gather and compile the answers and will post them. This time I asked my game designer acquaintances this question – Why Do You Design Games? What is your motivation? I got some pretty good feedback from a number of nice designers. Here’s what they said. -Odin Phong, a game blogger says “I do it because I like playing new games and it keeps my brain engaged.” -Savage Yeti Games, creators of PatchWord, replied “It keeps my mind active and there’s something about making disparate ideas mesh together into a new whole.” -Rick Lorenzon, designer of Lords of Alchemy, says “I started designing because I wanted to create a…

Paths to Success

We’re all following a path of some kind or other. Maybe it’s a parent’s path or a mentor’s path. Until we aren’t. Then we’re creating a new path. Blazing a new trail as it were. Others may have crossed the area and you may pass over their footsteps, but really it’s all new to you.   There’s a quote from Ecclesiastes about nothing new under the sun. That was written somewhere around 300 BCE. Seriously?! It would have been great for that author to be transported to the modern day. Electricity, cell phones, airplanes, so much as happened in 2000 years. People are still people though, so the writer may comment on that.   Here’s the thing though, each time out we are choosing paths based on what we know. What went before us. Everything is new to us! I feel like the anti-Phil in Groundhog Day! I feel a…

Chunkin’ Punkins With The Fleeples – A Conversation With… Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle (oh, and Kirkman)

I’m talking to the Fleeples this time – Ben Pinchback and Matt Riddle. Oh, and we let Chris Kirkman say a couple of things too. We are talking specifically about their new game, Legends of Sleepy Hollow. The game is coming from Dice Hate Me Games and is currently on Kickstarter. It’s fun and I hope you enjoy it.