Trash Pandas: Video Review

In episode 64 we press our luck, trying to knock trash cans over and collect the most trash of all the raccoons! Time to be an adorable garbage diver in Trash Pandas! Learn more about Trash Pandas here:   Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes Playthrough: Toys by Steve Combs

Roll Through the Ages: Video Review

In episode 57, Cassie shares her first roll-and-write game with you, Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age from Eagle Gryphon Games. A 1-4 player game in which players compete to roll their way to the most valuable civilization in the end of the game.

Project Nos: Video Review

In episode 56, Cassie’s checking out a light dice-rolling racing game arriving to Kickstarter soon from Mind the Gap Studios. Nothing says speed like frantic dice rolling! You can learn more about Project Nos here. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Want TIGR to review your upcoming Kickstarter? Visit our About Us page. Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes Playthrough: Toys by Steve Combs

Blend Off: Review

It’s January in Wisconsin, not exactly prime smoothie season. But, today, Fairway takes a look at a recent Kickstarter delivery from Thunderworks Games: Blend Off! See if Fairway can keep up with the orders in this fast-paced, dice-rolling game.

Yukon Salon: Preview

Fairway ventures further North to the frigid tundra of the Yukon. He’s decided to quit making and reviewing games to pursue his real passion: styling hair. But not just any hair, lumberjack beards and bear hair. Yes. In today’s preview, Fairway takes a cut at Yukon Salon. The game is coming to Kickstarter, tomorrow.

Sheppy’s Greedy Claw Crane Game: Preview

What exactly is the draw of “the claw?” You know, stick a few quarters in, direct a crane claw over cheap toys, push a button and hope?  Oh, right. They’re frustratingly fun with slot machine like payoffs but the feeling that you actually control the outcome. It’s not true since most of the relevant things are randomized, but it works on us anyway.  This is the premise of the game Fairway previews today: David Sheppard’s Sheppy’s Greedy Claw Crane Game.