Arcane Alley: Video Review

In episode 79, I check out a magical vending game currently on Kickstarter called Arcane Alley from Strange Space Games! Learn more about the game and the campaign by visiting Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes Playthrough: Toys by Steve Combs

A Conversation With…Julio Nazario, Game Design Champion, part 1

In this, part 1 of a two part interview, I’m talking with Iron Design Challenge winner AND just announced HABA contest winner Julio Nazario. Julio and I talk about how he got into gaming and game design. We also discuss the Asheville chapter of the Game Designers of North Carolina. Julio is a very humble guy and a brilliant game designer. As you will see. It is a fun show and I know you will enjoy it.

Cassie’s Perusings: Bacon, Letters, and Tomatoes

Welcome to a quick thumb-through of Bacon, Letters, and Tomatoes by Pacdude Games! Learn more about this game and get a copy for yourself by visiting The Game Crafter! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Want Cassie to take a look at your game? Visit her website! @FriedmanCassie Music Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes