Dan Goes Inside Chai

Launch date: December 4, 2018 End date: Monday, January 7, 2019 at 12 PM MST Goal: $25,000 USD Cost for a copy of the game: $50 USD for Retail Edition, $59 USD for Deluxe Edition, $250 for Wooden Tea Master Edition Designed by: Dan & Connie Kazmaier Published by: Dan & Connie Kazmaier Campaign Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/strider88/chaian-immersive-tea-board-game 1. Why don’t you start us off by giving us a brief overview of Chai In Chai, you step into the shoes of a tea merchant, combining flavors to make a perfect blend. Specializing in either rooibos, green, oolong, black or white tea, you can buy and collect ingredients to fulfil your customers’ orders. There’s a lot of set collection, and trying to be strategic as you complete orders and money for victory points. There are three main actions you may choose from in a turn: a sliding tile market, a pantry for add-ins,…

Dan Goes Inside Dwarves of Iron Peak

Dwarves of Iron Peak Launch date: February 14, 2017 (Valentines day!) End date: March 19, 2017 Goal:  $12,000 Cost for a copy of the game:  $45 Designed by:  Greg Breault Published by:  RocketSlug Games Campaign link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rocketsluggames/dwarves-of-iron-peak/?ref=TIGR Why don’t you start us off by giving us a brief overview of Dwarves of Iron Peak. Dwarves of Iron Peak, or ‘DoIP’ (go ahead, say it, its fun! Doy-p!) is a 2 player game that take about 30 minutes to play. One player takes charge of 8 Dwarves sent by their King to retrieve an ancient Relic. The other player plays the Troll, who’s represented by two large dwarf crushing 2 inch feet, and a Hammer of extreme dwarf bashing. He also has Cave Spiders under his control who just mainly eat things that enter the trolls cave. Which happens to be Dwarves this day. This is your second time launching a campaign…

Dan Goes Inside Dragon Dodge

Today, Dan discusses the current Kickstarter campaign by Hidden Creek Games: Dragon Dodge. He talks with these first time creators about the challenges they faced, components, art and reviews. 

Dan Goes Inside Pinball Showdown

Dan chats with Diane Sauer about her current Kickstarter campaign, Pinball Showdown, her fifth campaign. He asks the veteran creator about about what she’s learned from those earlier campaigns and mistakes she still made preparing for this one.

Dan goes inside Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants

In his continuing series, Dan chats with Helaina Cappel of Kids Table Board Gaming about her Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants Kickstarter campaign. Helaina discusses working with designer, Scott Almes, advertising and preparation, and the struggle of bringing family-friendly games to Kickstarter.

Dan goes inside The Hacker’s Guild

This week, Dan delves deep into the dark world of the dystopian future in which a determined team of do-gooder hackers try to take down a dastardly corporation. Or at least you talks to the Hackers Guild #Kickstarter creator about the campaign.  For those interested in the preview of the game itself, check out Fairway’s preview.