Dan goes inside Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants

In his continuing series, Dan chats with Helaina Cappel of Kids Table Board Gaming about her Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants Kickstarter campaign. Helaina discusses working with designer, Scott Almes, advertising and preparation, and the struggle of bringing family-friendly games to Kickstarter.

Dan goes inside The Hacker’s Guild

This week, Dan delves deep into the dark world of the dystopian future in which a determined team of do-gooder hackers try to take down a dastardly corporation. Or at least you talks to the Hackers Guild #Kickstarter creator about the campaign.  For those interested in the preview of the game itself, check out Fairway’s preview.

Thematic Introductions

For most people board games are an escape from the grind of everyday life. Through them they can enter fantastic realms and inhabit diverse personas. Even the most hardcore cube-pusher likely prefers a colorfully fleshed out game world to a monochromatic abstraction. One of the first places players begin to taste the flavor of a game after opening the box is the cover and opening pages of the rulebook. This is the perfect opportunity to entice them into the atmosphere of the game–the thematic introduction.

Dan goes inside Super Hack Override

This week, Dan asks the creator of the Super HACK Override Kickstarter campaign about the game, using Send From China, and the super-fast delivery option with The Game Crafter. Find out whether Dan’s bank account also got hacked while you’re at it.