Siege of Sunfall: Review

What do you get when you combine a post-apocalyptic future, farming, and war? The Siege of Sunfall. Today, Fairway takes a look at this recent Kickstarter delivery from Grey Gnome Games. See if he and his band of mini-meeple fighters can survive. 

Yukon Salon: Preview

Fairway ventures further North to the frigid tundra of the Yukon. He’s decided to quit making and reviewing games to pursue his real passion: styling hair. But not just any hair, lumberjack beards and bear hair. Yes. In today’s preview, Fairway takes a cut at Yukon Salon. The game is coming to Kickstarter, tomorrow.

Sheppy’s Greedy Claw Crane Game: Preview

What exactly is the draw of “the claw?” You know, stick a few quarters in, direct a crane claw over cheap toys, push a button and hope?  Oh, right. They’re frustratingly fun with slot machine like payoffs but the feeling that you actually control the outcome. It’s not true since most of the relevant things are randomized, but it works on us anyway.  This is the premise of the game Fairway previews today: David Sheppard’s Sheppy’s Greedy Claw Crane Game.