Publishers of Play: nestorgames

The Inquisitive Meeple’s in-depth interview with Spanish publisher, nestorgames. Best known, perhaps, for their abstract games, that are printed on mousepad like mats, that can be rolled up and easy to travel with. They discuss the story behind nestorgames, abstract games, publishing, and designing.

Top Posts of 2016

The Indie Game Report is the result of a bunch of sites coming together under one umbrella. For this last post of the year, I thought I’d highlight the top ten most viewed posts of 2016! 

Matryoshka: Review

Matryoshka (pronunciation may be found here on Wikipedia) from White Goblin Games is a very beautiful game that takes the wonderful art of Russian nesting dolls to create a fun and easy to play, yet strategic card game with mechanics of set collecting and trading. Matryoshka is a 3-5 player game, and plays for about 20-30 minutes.