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The Indie Game Report is the result of a bunch of sites coming together under one umbrella. For this last post of the year, I thought I’d highlight the top ten most viewed posts of 2016! 

The Indie Game Report features a wide range of articles: game reviews, Kickstarter previews, interviews and other interesting features. They’re all represented in the top ten.

#10 The Captain is Dead: Episode 3 (Lockdown) ^

Coming in at number ten is a preview by Fairway of JT Smith’s The Captain is Dead: Episode 3 (Lockdown). This game went on to raise more than $40,000 on Kickstarter. It’s no surprise since it garnered a Birdie!

The Captain is Dead: Episode 3: Lockdown is another terrific expansion for a great and under-appreciated cooperative game. By bringing the alien fight to the ship and providing players new challenges, this expansion definitely brings new life to the game. For fans of the first game, this expansion is definitely worth picking up.

#9 Tiny Epic Galaxies – Beyond the Black ^

Number 9 is another Kickstarter preview by Fairway of the first expansion to Gamelyn Games’ Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the Black. For this preview, Fairway sent the whole site into outer space with some stylesheet magic. This game  went on to raise an astounding $411,000 on Kickstarter. More importantly, it too earned a Birdie:

Fans of Tiny Epic Galaxies are going to eat this up. It’s a terrific and thematic expansion to an already terrific game. Beyond the Black does exactly what you want from an expansion: it adds to the game without taking away from it. The expansion’s new game play doesn’t impose itself on players at all, but offers alluring new options. I believe the expansion find a good balance for fans of the original game while offering something for those willing to try something a bit different.

#8 Lotus ^

One of Cassie’s first reviews on TIGR is one of the site’s most popular reviews: Renegade Games’ Lotus.  This beautiful game has garnered wide praise for its interesting card play and beautiful illustrations.

I had a great time playing the game. I think I could have played it twice in a row, just to keep myself in the peaceful moment of the game. I enjoyed it, and I think you will too. I give Lotus an A-.


#7 Go Nuts for Donuts ^

Everyone likes donuts. That’s very clear from Fairway’s preview of the Daily Magic Games’ Go Nuts for Donuts. This preview comes in at number seven.  The game went on to raise more than $24,000 on Kickstarter. Fairway’s kids still ask to play this game even though the only version he has is a sleeved, printout version.

Go Nuts for Donuts isn’t a deep strategy, Euro game. But no one wants that for a game about donuts. Rather, it’s a delicious little game filled with pure enjoyment. Kind of like a donut. It’s family-friendly both in theme and bidding/bluffing mechanism, making it a perfect addition for a family of gamers. It also has the appeal of being about donuts which everyone can enjoy. For what it is, this game does it well and my kids have asked to play it repeatedly.

The combination of theme and its simplicity will make this a very popular Kickstarter.

#6 Matryoshka ^

Cassie’s review of this interesting game from White Goblin Games comes in at number six: Matryoshka.  Hardly a day or two goes by without people checking out this lovely game about Russian nesting dolls. That’s a pretty unique theme.

Very lovely game! I enjoyed playing it very much, and would highly recommend it to fans of filler games, set collecting games, and Matryoshka dolls.

#5 Underlings of Underwing ^

Another Fairway Kickstarter preview comes in at number five: Underlings of Underwing. This is an “educational” game about color theory contains an absolutely amazing number of unique dragon illustrations. Like other high view previews, Underlings did fantastic on Kickstarter. It brought in more than $32,000.  It’s also no wonder since it too earned a birdie:

Designer Alisha Volkman and The Pericles Group have a definite winner on their hands. Underlings of Underwing is a fantastic game that will appeal to gamers of all sorts. The dragons and the eggs are amazing and will have instant appeal. The game itself is enjoyable and has already hit the table a bunch of times.

#4 Interview of Daryl Andrews ^

The Inquisitive Meeple pops up for the first time at number four with his interview of Daryl Andrews on the Crafting of Sagrada.  Sagrada is an incredibly beautiful dice drafting game that raised an astonishing (but well-deserved)  $151,000 on Kickstarter.

Daryl: I’m really proud to be part of a game that is beautiful and accessible. I have found no matter the age, gender, or game experience of the player, Sagrada has been enjoyed by a wide variety of people. I hope to see pictures of beautiful diversity playing this game together. I realize the game isn’t for everyone, but I really hope it can be a game people can use to bring others to our beautiful hobby. Also, I’m hoping it’s the kind of game you can play with family, even if they don’t call themselves “gamers.”

#3 One-to-Many: Card Game Design ^

The Inquistive Meeple also brings us the number three post with the first edition of his repeating series: One to Many #1: Card Game Design. In this fun feature, Ryan asks a bunch of different designers one question and gets back many different answers. In this one he asked fifteen designers one “simple” question:

#2 Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove ^

In perhaps the most unlikely result, Fairway’s preview of the terrible-in-a-good-way game Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove comes in at number two. For awhile, this was the only real preview on the Kickstarter page for a game that went on to raise more than $355,000. All those backers should be ashamed of themselves… or not.

Endangered Orphans is a horrible game in an absolutely terrific way. There’s no mercy for the orphans of Condyle Cove, and players feel no remorse when inflicting terrible fates upon them. The art, theme and the production value are all very high. What’s more, the designer combined the art, theme and game play in a fantastic way which will likely make this an extraordinary Kickstarter game. I worry only that some of the early game play quirks will bother some more seasoned game players unless corrected. Nevertheless, this game will be a hit especially if you’re looking for a short filler in a horror-themed game night.

#1 Matt Leacock Talks Experimental Meds ^

And for good reason, the most popular post on TIGR for 2016 is The Inquiry Meeple’s interview of Matt Leacock on the expansion to Pandemic: The Cure called Experimental Meds.  This post garnered a lot of interest not only for the insights about the expansion to the very popular dice game, but also for the discussion of a yet another Pandemic game: Iberia.

Matt: Pandemic Iberia is set in the 19th century Iberian Peninsula. Players represent members of the Second Royal Philanthropic Expedition, working to research four different diseases that are sweeping the land. Players move by carriage, ship, and train and even help oversee the construction of the railways of the region, creating a different rail network each time they play. The game ships with 7 roles, 15 events, 2 challenges, and gorgeous components. It’ll be a limited release (a single print run) so grab one early if you’re interested. I designed the game with Jesús Torres Castro, who I met at the Festival of Games in Córdoba in 2014.

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