Mars 04:45: Preview

Mars is a lonely place… today. I mean, there’s a few rovers tooling around the planet, but it’s no place for humans. For the mission directors of Mars 04:45, they have plans to change all that. Fairway takes a look at real-time, multiplayer solitaire game: Mars 04:45. See if he can successfully populate the red planet.

Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove: Preview

Today class, we learn that Fairway is a terrible person. In this Kickstarter preview, he picks up enDANGERed Orphans of Condyle Cove, a horrifyingly, creepy card game coming to Kickstarter. It features the art of Jesse Labbe and the creepiest themed game he’s played.  The game is coming to Kickstarter Monday, August 22nd. Note: the theme isn’t rainbows and lollipops. Be warned, but keep reading anyway.

Super Hack Override: Preview

Fairway does have a degree in computer science, but was nothing more than a script kiddie aimlessly trying to hack the Gibson. Well, it might not be the Gibson, but check out whether Fairway causes havoc at NOAA and mass transit as he previews the upcoming Kickstarter, Super Hack Override, by Weird Giraffe Games.

Pages of War: M.O.D.E: Preview

Gather ’round and hear Fairway tell his tale of battling factions of elves and dragons and orcs and men. In this preview, Fairway takes a quick look at Pages of War: M.O.D.E by Sanjae Duncan and J. Kloud Entertainment and coming to Kickstarter. What can possibly go wrong when Fairway is a bard?

Gadgeteers: Preview

Fairway puts on his work gloves and safety goggles in this Kickstarter preview of Gadgeteers. Gadgeeters is a two- to three-player, bidding and bluffing by Letiman Games. Gadgeteers hits Kickstarter August 16th. Edit: It’s now live. Check it out! There’s also a bonus video review by Cassie at the end.

Underlings of Underwing: Preview

Fairway picks up another Kickstarter preview where he’s the master of colorful dragon hatching operation.  In the words of the famous They Might Be Giants: 🎶 Roy G. Biv is a colorful man 🎶 And he proudly stands at the rainbow’s end (So you’ll see him) So follow Fairway to the end of the rainbow as he previews Underlings of Underwing, a color-theory game coming to Kickstarter in August by The Pericles Group. Underlings is a two- to six-player set collection and worker placement game with an educational twist using dragons and dragon eggs.

Barnyard Round Up: Preview

Put your chickens in the coop, herd your sheep, and round up your cattle. Fairway previews Druid City Games’s Barnyard Roundup, a no-frills, bluffing game for families and gamers. Barnyard Round is headed for Kickstarter on July 15th, 2016. See whether city-slicker Fairway can bluff his way onto the farm.

Paranormal Investigation by Touch Paper Press

Last year I got into KickStarter and one of the first games I backed was this fun, paranormal spooky game, Paranormal Investigation. Paranormal Investigation is 3-4 player game and lasts about ten minutes. The story of the game is you and the other players are paranormal investigators and you each have your own theory as to what is happening at a mansion. Your goal is to reveal the proof hidden behind the door the supports your claim. Players start with a randomly assigned Investigator card and Affiliation card. From the information on the Investigator card, players will learn what their goal is to win the game. Here is an example of an investigator: The investigator card will also tell you which doors you can take a peek at before beginning the game. The Affiliation card will tell you what your special abilities are during the game. Each player begins with…