Paranormal Investigation by Touch Paper Press

Last year I got into KickStarter and one of the first games I backed was this fun, paranormal spooky game, Paranormal Investigation.

Paranormal Investigation is 3-4 player game and lasts about ten minutes. The story of the game is you and the other players are paranormal investigators and you each have your own theory as to what is happening at a mansion. Your goal is to reveal the proof hidden behind the door the supports your claim.

Players start with a randomly assigned Investigator card and Affiliation card. From the information on the Investigator card, players will learn what their goal is to win the game. Here is an example of an investigator:

The investigator card will also tell you which doors you can take a peek at before beginning the game.

The Affiliation card will tell you what your special abilities are during the game.

Each player begins with a hand of seven cards. Players, on their turn, may either do A) play one card, or B) draw two cards.

If a player chooses to play a card, they play the card onto a door of their choice. A player may choose to play a card on a door that gives him an advantage, or he may choose to play a card on a door that does not give him an advantage, thus throwing off his opponents. Once a door has enough cards on it where the sum of the cards equals 20, it is revealed. Cards must also be played in ascending order. You may skip numbers, but you can’t play a number that’s lower than the number(s) beneath it.

There are additional cards that you can play outside of just numbers. You can play a +1 card which gives the sum of the stack…+1, or you can play a Discredited card, which removes the top card from a stack, making it take longer to finish the stack.

There is one more card that can be played. It is an extra action, and doesn’t count towards your play if you choose to play it. It is the Poltergeist card, and if it is played, the player who played it chooses either left or right. They then take three cards from their opponent seated in the chosen direction.

One of the things I loved most about the game was the artwork and flavor text. At first it can confuse you, but once you realize it’s part of the art and not the mechanic you can really appreciate it.

I would recommend you get sleeves for this game, and the box holds plenty of space for the cards sleeved.

There was a type-o in the instructions, just so you are aware. The pictures for the Investigator cards and Affiliation cards are reversed. The number of cards is also incorrect for each, as they each have one more than mentioned in the rules. I think that was a stretch goal that was reached during the KS, but I’m not positive.

If you like small, quick, deduction and bluffing games, you will definitely enjoy Paranormal Investigation.

Want to learn more? Visit my YouTube video about the game by clicking here!


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