Street Rod: Preview

It’s automatic…It’s systematic…It’s hydromatic…It’s Street Rod by Gaudete Games!  Travel back to the summer of ’63 in this card game about souping up your car, racing opponents’ (either virtual or other players), and finally beating the King to become the best racer on the streets. Do all of this and you might impress and win the heart of your crush, Becky Sue!

Lesson #16 – How Slack has revolutionized Letiman Games

Last September I was first invited to use Slack. The founding members of the Indie Game Report (TIGR) thought it would be a good idea to collect all of our official business and pending projects in a single area and they thought Slack would be the most ideal way to do it. Having never heard of Slack before then, I was a little hesitant. I am pretty young but I am sort of a dinosaur and new apps frighten me. I timidly joined the TIGR Slack channel and to be quite honest, it rocked my world.

Lesson #15 – Pros and Cons of IndieGoGo InDemand

The only platform I have ever used to crowd-fund my projects. Up until recently, I had never used IndieGoGo or GoFundMe. Recently, I (along with many other creators) have been approached by IndieGoGo to run an InDemand Campaign for one of my previously funded Kickstarter Campaigns InDemand is set up so that creators can take an already funded project (on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo) and continue to collect pledges for as long as the creator wishes. I recently gave InDemand a test run for my game Gadgeteers (which funded in September 2016) and I wanted to discuss my experience with this feature.

Lesson #14 – Building an Email Subscriber List

Compiling and utilizing and email/subscriber list remains one of the best assets a creator can use to spread the word when launching a campaign.  However; an email list will not just appear out of nowhere and it is up to the creator to develop a large, engaged following.  Unfortunately though, there is no “get-rich quick” method for making this work outside of hitting the pavement and making connections. All of the promises to grow your subscriber lists exponentially will often add subscribers but they will not be engaged, will not read your emails, and will not be interested in your products. It can be hard and frustrating to get your email list subscriber numbers to a level you are happy with, so here are just a few tips I have utilized to help grow Letiman Games’ mailing list.

Dan Goes Inside Dwarves of Iron Peak

Dwarves of Iron Peak Launch date: February 14, 2017 (Valentines day!) End date: March 19, 2017 Goal:  $12,000 Cost for a copy of the game:  $45 Designed by:  Greg Breault Published by:  RocketSlug Games Campaign link: Why don’t you start us off by giving us a brief overview of Dwarves of Iron Peak. Dwarves of Iron Peak, or ‘DoIP’ (go ahead, say it, its fun! Doy-p!) is a 2 player game that take about 30 minutes to play. One player takes charge of 8 Dwarves sent by their King to retrieve an ancient Relic. The other player plays the Troll, who’s represented by two large dwarf crushing 2 inch feet, and a Hammer of extreme dwarf bashing. He also has Cave Spiders under his control who just mainly eat things that enter the trolls cave. Which happens to be Dwarves this day. This is your second time launching a campaign…

Dan Goes Inside Dragon Dodge

Today, Dan discusses the current Kickstarter campaign by Hidden Creek Games: Dragon Dodge. He talks with these first time creators about the challenges they faced, components, art and reviews. 

Lesson #13 – Including a Print & Play

I often browse many kickstarter forums (mostly the groups on Facebook) and I often see the question come up of “Should I include a Print and Play (PnP) in my campaign?” Whether you decide to offer it for a price or give it out to everyone free of charge, I definitely think it is a good idea to include a Print and Play in your Kickstarter campaign. This post will explore all of the reasons why I feel the way I do.

Arkham Ritual: Preview

So you’ve heard about those mysterious rituals that occur deep in the cellars of Miskatonic University. You know you shouldn’t go investigate, but your journalistic instinct is too powerful and you cannot miss this opportunity to get a first hand look at what actually happens during these meetings. Now you are in too deep and risk losing your mind. Can you make it out of the cellar before you go insane? Arkham Ritual is now live on Kickstarter!

Affliction: Salem 1692 Preview

You better keep your wits about you, there may be witches among us.  In Affliction: Salem 1692 players take on the role of villagers in colonial Salem, working to either bring other colonists into their circle or arrest those which they believe are witches. In this historically accurate Worker Placement game, there are no actual witches but that won’t stop you from accusing colonists of dabbling in the dark arts in order to earn victory points and sabotage your opponents.