Dig: Preview

In the second digging-themed game of the week, Fairway plumbs the depths of DIG A two- to four-player card game about unearthing gems and gold and avoiding the baddies.  Find out if Fairway hits a rich vein of gaming goodness or if this game caves in.  Dig is on Kickstarter until April 16, 2017.

Cul-De-Sac Conquest: Review

Unfortunately for some of us, we have to deal with annoyances daily because we have TERRIBLE NEIGHBORS who just won’t stop ding dong ditching. Well, today is your day. You finally know exactly what makes your neighbor rage. You are ready to annoy your neighbor out of the street and conquer the cul-de-sac!

The Money Pit of Oak Island: Review

Nope, he’s not reviewing the four-season long History Channel TV series. But, Fairway did get a copy of The Money Pit of Oak Island game to review. Oak Island is a Canadian island and the famed location of an elaborately protected treasure. And, for far less money than’s been spent in search of the real treasure, see if he can reveal the mysteries of this famed location. 

Lesson #14 – Building an Email Subscriber List

Compiling and utilizing and email/subscriber list remains one of the best assets a creator can use to spread the word when launching a campaign.  However; an email list will not just appear out of nowhere and it is up to the creator to develop a large, engaged following.  Unfortunately though, there is no “get-rich quick” method for making this work outside of hitting the pavement and making connections. All of the promises to grow your subscriber lists exponentially will often add subscribers but they will not be engaged, will not read your emails, and will not be interested in your products. It can be hard and frustrating to get your email list subscriber numbers to a level you are happy with, so here are just a few tips I have utilized to help grow Letiman Games’ mailing list.