Foodfighters: Review

It’s not Atkins v. South Beach. This fight is a serious one: vegetables v. meat. Broccoli v. Bacon. Life v. Death. Today, Fairway picks up Foodfighters by Kids Table Board Gaming and designers Josh Cappel and Helaina Cappel. Originally funded on Kickstarter, Fairway snagged this one up from his friendly local game shop.

Trainmaker: Review

All aboard! Fairway takes a ride on the rails. The dice rails (?). In his review, he picks up a long-ago delivered Kickstarter game, Trainmaker (or is it Train maker) from Grey Gnome Games and designer Chris Leder of Roll With For It! fame.  See if he can keep his trains running on time or whether he derails.

Metal Minds: Preview

Little did you know Fairway is a psychic agent from the planet Kal-Purnika. Or at least he was while he previewed Metal Minds, a resource-gathering card game from Nifty Games and currently on Kickstarter. Find out whether his psychic ability was ability was able to deliver the precious rift orbs to his corporate masters, or whether it was all just in his head. 

Lesson #5 – Interview with Mike Wokasch about building his audience for his first KS campaign, Starving Artists!

In Lesson #5, Dan interviews Mike Wokasch (of Fairway 3 Games) and co-founder of The Indie Game Report.  Dan asks about Mike’s Starving Artists campaign, how he did his pre-launch marketing, how he handled a very engaged backer community, and a bunch of other things. 

Unfair: Preview

He’s paid for his tickets and parked in lot ZYY a county over. Now, Unfairway gets to relive his Great Flags-attending, Roller Coaster Tycoon-playing youth in this preview of the theme-park-building game Unfair, currently on Kickstarter. Everyone keep your arms and legs inside the compartment at all times and… Enjoy the ride!

Mars 04:45: Preview

Mars is a lonely place… today. I mean, there’s a few rovers tooling around the planet, but it’s no place for humans. For the mission directors of Mars 04:45, they have plans to change all that. Fairway takes a look at real-time, multiplayer solitaire game: Mars 04:45. See if he can successfully populate the red planet.

Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove: Preview

Today class, we learn that Fairway is a terrible person. In this Kickstarter preview, he picks up enDANGERed Orphans of Condyle Cove, a horrifyingly, creepy card game coming to Kickstarter. It features the art of Jesse Labbe and the creepiest themed game he’s played.  The game is coming to Kickstarter Monday, August 22nd. Note: the theme isn’t rainbows and lollipops. Be warned, but keep reading anyway.

Zipang Portable: Review Video

In episode 33 I take a look at Zipang Portable, a card game for 2-6 players in which players are Samurai attempting to become the greatest Shogun in the Sengoku period of Japan. For more information about Zipang Portable, Engine ID, and how to get the game on Game Crafter, visit: Music Intro and outro: Rainbow Street by Scott Holmes Playthrough: Toys by Steve Combs