Train Heist: Review

Today, Fairway and his regulators mount up to right some wrongs by robbin’ some trains. That’s right, in Train Heist, the good guys rob the trains and the bad guys are trying to stop them.  So find out if Fairway and his crew are good at do-gooding, train robbing in this review of a Kickstarter delivery from Tower Guard Games. Train Heist was picked up recently by Cryptozoic. He’s included a bonus video of his kids “teaching” the game at the end. He thinks it’s hilarious.

Trainmaker: Review

All aboard! Fairway takes a ride on the rails. The dice rails (?). In his review, he picks up a long-ago delivered Kickstarter game, Trainmaker (or is it Train maker) from Grey Gnome Games and designer Chris Leder of Roll With For It! fame.  See if he can keep his trains running on time or whether he derails.