Trick or Treat: Review

Happy October, my friends! All month I will be talking about games, toys, decorations, snacks, etc. related to holiday Halloween. To kick off this spooky exciting month, I bring to you a review of the tabletop card game Trick or Treat by Leder Games.

Trick or Treat is a 2-6 player game that lasts about 30 minutes. The goal of the game is to turn the best combinations of candy to get the most points, and try your best to avoid the bully, because it will give you negative points to your candy combos!




The game begins with all players choosing a character card. The artwork is so cute on these cards, and they’re double-sided, which provides more options for characters. The grey card is the bully, and the other cards are the available characters.

On a player’s turn they will take their character card and place it at one of the many locations available. Then the player will perform the action stated on the location.

A player scores points by gathering up the necessary types of candy and turning them in for points. There are tons of different types of candies available to collect, including lemon drops, caramel, licorice whip, and chocolate bar. There are also other cards mixed in called “Trick” cards that allow you to do special things, like discard fear tokens (negative point tokens given to players by the bully card). These may also be picked up along with the candy cards. Turning candy in for points is done at a specific location, just like collecting candy is done at specific locations. The locations are:

Haunted House: you can discard trick cards to give that many fear tokens to a player, or you can discard treat cards to get rid of fear tokens.

Carnival: Five cards are laid out face up. You can take a card, or two if you discard one from your hand. This then refills back up to five cards.

Home: Where you turn in your candy! Discard the necessary candy to receive the set and gain the points!

House: There are one of each of these per player. You draw two cards, take the card that’s face up at this location, then it refills back up to the one card.

Alley: Move the bully to a location. Steal a random card from each player there. On your next turn, you can move anywhere you want.

Mansion: Draw three cards from the deck.

The location cards are very fun. Check them out!

And here are some pictures of examples of the Trick cards and candy, as well as examples of sets that you turn the candy in to get:

I love this game. The artwork is so fun, and I really enjoy how simple the game is and easy to learn, but provides a lot of replay value. I definitely recommend this game to all, especially for those looking for a Halloween game!

Want to learn more? Visit my YouTube video on Trick or Treat here!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you all soon!

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