Meow: Preview

Happy Thursday, y’all! Today’s post is going to be light as I get geared up for October and all of the exciting Halloween themed board games I have to share with you all. Since I wanted to a light post, I chose a light game to review, the new game out by Asmadi Games, Meow.

Meow is a 2-9 player game, and can play in 1-5 minutes. Yup, you read that right. Want to know the story behind this game? Apparently the creator of game, Chris Cieslik, tweeted on midnight of April Fools for people to suggest types of games. Someone said lying, so that same day he created this game and launched it on Kickstarter. The game is very silly, and very easy.

The game comes in the Asmadi Games standard sized box with a cardboard insert, the deck of cards, and one sheet for the instructions. The deck is made up of two types of cards, “Meow,” and “Not Meow.”

The game is super duper easy. The goal is to be the last player standing. Shuffle the deck, and the first player draws a card, and says “meow,” regardless of if they drew a Meow card, or a Not Meow. If you think they drw or have a Not Meow card in their hand, you can call them out on it. If they indeed did have a Not Meow card in their hand, they are out of the game. However, if they only had Meow cards, then whoever accused them of lying is out of the game.

That’s it! Keep playing until someone is the last standing. Definitely a filler game that the whole family can play. I don’t have a video playthrough of this game, but I will be back next week with the beginning of the Halloween game specials! All Thursdays in October will be dedicated to Halloween themed games, so stick tuned and I’ll see you soon!

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