Adorable Pandaring: Review

Asmadi Games has brought it again with another cute card game, Adorable Pandaring.

 I have played Asmadi Games before, and looking at the size and quality of previous card games I’ve seen from them, I was really excited about this new one coming out. The box is a nice card box with a simple cardboard insert, and if you were to sleeve these cards, you would probably be able to fit them inside of the box (which I recommend, because there is a lot of shuffling).

The easiest way to explain this game is to tell you in steps. Before I do that, know that in order to win the game, you need to win five bamboo. How do you get bamboo? By following these steps:

1. Figure out which red panda card you need. There is a red panda card for a three player game, a four player game, or a five player game. This card tells you how many adorable pandas need to be in play face up for scoring to occur.

2. Deal a hand of four cards out to all players.

3. Pick a panda law card. This card tells all players which types of pandas are to be considered adorable pandas.

5. If, at the beginning of someone’s turn, there are the appropriate amount of adorable pandas in play face up, you do the scoring of bamboo. This information is on the back of the red panda card.

7. Once you’ve done everything on the back of the red panda card, you continue playing on until someone has reached five bamboo.

I enjoyed this game. The little pandas are so cute, and I like that you can extend the game time by requiring more bamboo to be won, or you can play best out of so many games, if you couldn’t get enough of the game after five bamboo. Something that I also like is that because a good amount of the cards are double-sided, the game is more compact, which makes for a good travel game, as well as at home.

Another great game from Asmadi Games! I am looking forward to the next ones they have coming out, including Meow and the Kickstarter-back Mottainai.

Want to watch a visual demonstration of this game? Check out my YouTube channel!

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