Toss Your Cookies: Micro Review

Does playing Love Letter too much make you want to toss your cookies?  Well, what if I told you that today Fairway picks up a micro game by David Sheppard that will make you Toss Your Cookies.

Toss Your Cookies is a two- to four-player microgame in which each player attempts to collect a set of unique cookies. I’m doing this review as a micro-review (less than 500 words) because it takes at most ten minutes to play from set up to clean up.

Initial Impressions ^

  1. Delicious cookies. Christmas cookies in my case.
  2. Quick, easy, kind of hilarious.
  3. Nice alternative to Love Letter and just as portable.

Game play ^

Toss Your Cookies is played with eighteen cards. Each card is one of six different types of cookies: Santa Sweetie, Gingerbread Man, Chocolate Drop, Holiday Tree Cookie, Cocoa Krackle and Berry Heart. Each card has a “Sugar Rush” power that when played face up allows the player to take some action.

At the start of the game, all of the cards are shuffled together and players are dealt one card as their starting hand. Starting with a first player and proceeding clockwise, each player draws one card and plays one card.

Cards can be played face down or face up.  If placed facedown, the card is kept hidden. If played face up, the player can use the Sugar Rush power.

The only real rule in the game: if you ever have two of the same kind of cookie (whether face up or down), you “toss [those] cookies” into the discard pile. The player with the most unique cookies wins. Ties are broken by looking at the little crumbs on the plate.

What did we think? ^

The game is a cute idea. My kids enjoyed the idea of having too much of one cookie is a bad thing. And there seemed to be a good mix of Sugar Rush powers that made for some interesting choices.

Of all the things, we wanted more reason to keep cards face down or force players to flip cards. As it is right now, keeping a card hidden only has one upside: others have to guess which cookie to send you. I think we’d have rather treated those as “immune” from the cookie tossing until revealed.  The mechanic in Masters Gallery sort of works like that.

Also, like Love Letter, this is a game meant for more than two players, even if it is “playable.” It’s definitely a more the merrier sort of game.

In the hole ^

For what it is, Toss Your Cookies is a cute little game that is like a filler game’s filler. It lacks a little polish and the tension of Love Letter, though. I could see this as a great stocking stuffer for a gamer. Good bad or otherwise, the game is definitely a sweet treat and had us wanting cookies.

Toss Your Cookies is in the hole for One over Par. ^

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