The Great Dinosaur Rush: Review

It makes sense: just cobbling together any old dinosaur bones you find to form crazy creatures is way easier than figuring out how they actually go together. That’s the essence of The Great Dinosaur Rush. Fraudster paleontologist Fairway picks his way through, and sifts through the dirt, in today’s review. Plus, there’s a bonus music video by They Might Be Giants at the end.

World’s Fair: Review

Turn back the clocks. No, it’s not Fall yet. But Fairway takes Foxtrot Games and Renegade Games Studio’s World’s Fair 1893 for a ride. Don’t worry readers of The Devil in the White City, this is not a survival or player elimination game. Instead, gather your supporters, collect your Midway Tickets, approve attractions, and earn points in this well-tuned, area of control game. Check out whether Fairway has fun, or gets sick, riding the 80m high Ferris Wheel in this review of a recent Kickstarter delivery.