Foodtown Throwdown: Review

“I’ll take your Gourmet Burger with a side of fries” “Do you want the Olive Salad on that? Or I can hold it or put it on the side.” “Um… yes?” “And you’re okay with croutons for a bun, right? I can substitute waffles if you’d like.” “Maybe?” “And I assume you’re good with the potato flake fries, right?” “You know what… never mind.” If you’ve ever been to one of those trendy food trucks, that conversation might not sound so strange. This week, Fairway picks up a Kickstarter delivery from Argyle Games, Foodtown Throwdown, that tries mightily to capture the majesty of those recipes. Find out what he’d say on Yelp about this food truck-themed, set-collection card game. Fairway’s Twitter and Instagram followers will recognize these “delicious” recipes.