Ambyria: Starlight & Vengeance: Review

Not so long ago, Fairway reviewed the game: Ambyria. He and his son have played it a bunch of times since and has made his son’s favorite game they’ve reviewed. Now he’s back with a review of the Starlight & Vengeance expansion.

Ambyria: Starlight and Vengeance is a standalone expansion to the Ambyria game. It contains two decks and is playable without the original game, but can be combined with the original four decks and used in a two- to four-player game.

Initial Impressions ^

  1. For those familiar with the base deck, the two new decks will be familiar. They share a number of common cards, but introduce just enough new mechanics to keep the game interesting.
  2. The new decks represent a fight between good and evil (white and black decks).

Game play ^

For a complete overview of how to play, check out the original Ambyria review:

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The Starlight & Vengeance expansion does not change any of the basic mechanisms: players have a deck of cards, draw cards from the deck, and play cards to set the “mode” and play to their emberscape with the goal of scoring the most points. Most of the decks also consistent of familiar cards.

So, What’s new? ^

With so much in common, you might be wondering: what’s new? This expansion is two new, distinct and full decks to the game. The decks can be played against each other or against any of the decks from the base game.

The black deck has a series of cards whose entire purpose seems to be… evil. More cards in this deck have the consequence of denying an opponent the opportunity to deploy their best cards.

The white deck, by contrast, seems mostly to focus on cards that allow the player to use their opponent’s cards against them.

In the hole ^

If you’re a fan of the original Ambyria, then this standalone expansion makes it better. Ambyria has found its way into my house’s frequently played list. It has a simple mechanics and easy to understand rules which means you can pick it up and get right back into the game. I personally enjoyed the black deck of this game and it might become my go-to deck.

Ambyria: Starlight and Vengeance is in the hole for a birdie. ^

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