Claim: The Search for the Gold Nugget: Review

Now listen here, buck-o. There ain’t enough gold in this here town for the two of us…No, really! In Claim: The Search for the Gold Nugget, players attempt to be the one with the Gold Nugget card in either their hand or Secret Stash, thus winning the game.

About the Game ^

Claim plays two to four players and lasts about half an hour. Players are given each a Secret Stash card, which has the same picture on both sides, except one side shows a little secret stash of gold somewhere. Players are also given three cards from a shuffled deck which is made up of cards that allow for actions, and one single Gold Nugget card. This is the card players are searching for.

On a player’s turn, she can place a card in her Secret Stash if empty, swap a card with the card already sitting in her Secret Stash, and choose to play or discard a card. If she places a card into her Secret Stash, she flips the card over to reveal the gold size, indicating a card is placed in her Stash. After a player has performed her actions, she draws her hand back up to three cards. If, during her turn, the active player affected an opponent’s hand, her opponent may draw her hand back up to three cards at this time as well. The active player then passes turn.

Once the draw deck is empty, a final round occurs, and whichever player has the Gold Nugget card in her Secret Stash or hand claims victory!

Final Thoughts ^

Mechanics ^

The game is primarily bluffing and deduction. Cards are going all over the place from different actions, and you are constantly trying to figure out who the heck has that dang Gold Nugget. Some cards make players pass their hands, some allow players to steal cards from opponent’s hands, and some can allow players to trade Secret Stashes. There are even cards that are played in response to opponent’s cards that require the opponent to discard their Secret Stash card. The game, and cards, move fast, so you really have to pay attention if you’re playing for keeps. If you’re playing for fun, you’ll have a good laugh when you find out who had the Gold Nugget in the end.

Rules ^

The rules are really simple and very easy to follow. The actions explained on the cards are explicit as well. I didn’t experience any ambiguity in the game.

Art ^

The art is light, not too detailed. Definitely cartoon style in a way that’s attractive to older children, as well as adults. The color scheme and font go really well with a western-themed game.

Product Quality ^

The game was sent to me as a preview copy so it didn’t come with a box, but the cards themselves are wonderful quality, made with a smooth glossy finish and sturdy card stock.

Is It Fun? ^

I think so. If you like filler games and enjoy deduction games, you’ll really enjoy this game. If you’re looking for a game that carries a lot of player choice and strategy you won’t find that here. One of the aspects of Claim that I really appreciated was the creation of a ghost third player for two player games. This was special for me because I often find myself playing only with my husband, and when there is a possibility that a ghost third player could win by having the Gold Nugget upon the game ending, it makes the game even more entertaining because we’re not only competing against each other, but also against the game. If you’d like to learn more about Claim: The Search for the Gold Nugget, you can find it on

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