Tricks and Treats: Review

Hello hello! For our third week of October, I have chosen a wonderful bluffing/press-your-luck kind of game for the whole family, Tricks and Treats by Nazca Games.

The story of this game is all the players have returned home from trick-o-treating, and are told by their parents to dump all the candy out and split it evenly amongst all our baskets. Our parents then attempted to secretly assign us all a specific basket, but we are tricky, and have figured out which basket is ours. However, if any of our opponents figure out which basket is ours and calls us out on it, we will lose the game AND ALL OUR CANDY!!

SO! The goal of the game is to A) Survive long enough to make it to the end of the game, and B) Have the most candy in our basket.

We begin the game by figuring out how many baskets we need for the game. The amount of baskets in play is equal to the amount of players plus 2. So in a three player game, you have five baskets.

We then shuffle the secret identity cards and deal them out to the players. Discard the remaining SECRETELY. Keep your identity a secret.

Then we shuffle the candy cards, deal two out to each player, place the TIME’S UP card five cards away from being the bottom card in the deck, and begin playing.

The first player draws a card, then plays a card from their hand into any basket they’d like. Then it’s the next player’s turn.

At any time during your turn you can guess who’s basket belongs to an opponent. If you guess correctly, they are out of the game and their identity card becomes yours, giving you five points at the end of the game. If you’re wrong, then you’re out of the game and your opponent gets the points.

There are additional cards you can choose to play with if you’d like. They are special baskets and have different abilities. You would shuffle and randomly select 1-2 special baskets and add them to the game. Here are a few of them:

I enjoy bluffing games like this. I had a great time playing this game. I did find, however, that often times the game would end pretty quickly, especially in a two player game, because someone would guess the opponent’s basket, and end the game, or at least end it sooner. I think I would house-rule out the ability to guess an opponent’s basket, but maybe add more special baskets to even it out. That way the game would last a little bit longer.

I highly suggest you sleeve these cards, and I also suggest you get a deck box to hold the cards in. Once the cards are sleeved, they won’t fit back in the box, but you CAN get a deck box that hold the main box AND all the cards. Here’s a photo of what I did. I bought an Ultra-Pro Deck Box (in purple to match 😀 ) and I first filled the game box with as many cards as I could, I then put it in the Ultra-Pro DB, and then I put the rest of the cards and the rulebook into the DB. It all fits perfectly!

I definitely recommend this game to everyone, it’s a smaller game, faster game, and it is one of the lower priced games, which is always an awesome find. You will certainly get a lot of bang for your buck with this game.

Want to see more about the game? Check out my YouTube video here!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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