Superbeings Jumbo Card Game: Preview

Superbeings Jumbo Card Game brings players into battle with humongous cards and entertaining characters as each player attacks one another, attempting to win by knocking out each other’s Superbeings.

Superbeings is a competitive battle game designed by Rick Medina, in which players create their own decks of Superbeings to attack each other and attempt to win the game. There are three ways players may win the game, all revolving around defeating an opponent’s Superbeings, shortened to “Supers” in the rulebook.

Throughout the game players take turns each choosing to plays Supers, moving Supers around on the battlefield, and attacking their opponent’s Supers in the battlefield. Players take turn in phases until a player completes a game-winning (or losing) condition. The first of three game-ending conditions is if a player has five Knocked Out (KO) Superbeings of their own, this player is defeated. In a two-playergame, this means the opponent is the winner. The second way is if a player has no Superbeings in the position of the Frontline (these Superbeings are called Frontliners). Again, this player is defeated, and in a two-player game, the opponent would win. The final way is when a player has fifteen or more Super Rank of Supers KO. The last player standing wins.

In addition to the deck of Superbeings players draw from during the game, players also have a deck of cards called a Battle Deck, which allows players to perform special actions or provides special bonuses. Throughout the game players will be able to stun opponents’ Supers, go invisible, and turn Supers into Super leaders, making them much stronger and able to attack more Supers than usual.

The cards in Superbeings are huge: they measure 4.75″ x 6.75″. I think that’s larger than the average human hand size. The artwork is really great. It has a Japanese animation style to it and bright neon colors, and there are many different kinds of Superbeings players can use for their games including my favorites, Psychics and Sorcerers (I love my magic!).

The game comes with a large amount of diversity with deck construction, and plays from two to four players. Players also have various options for gameplay format. The game is a relaunch and redesign of an older AEG title, Humaliens TCG.

Superbeings Jumbo Card Game launches on Kickstarter August 23rd. You can learn more about the game by visiting


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