Lesson #4 – My Morning of Campaign Launch To-Do List

Kickstarter campaigns are crazy. Launch day is probably the craziest of all. In Lesson #4, Dan takes you through his launch-day, marketing checklist. It includes a great list of what to post and where.

Launching a Kickstarter campaign is a crazy busy time. Anyone who has done it knows that no matter how well you plan, it is very easy to forget something when you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  This is why I am all about lists. I have to-do lists listing all of the to-do lists I need to make.  This blog post is all about my morning of launch to-do list.

For me, I typically print out this to-do list, take the day off of work(which I highly recommend, or at least take the morning off), go to a local coffee shop with wi-fi, hit launch, and then run down the list checking off each item as I go. It helps me keep grounded and makes sure that I cover all of my bases.

So without further ado, here is a list of items I do upon immediately hitting the launch button. I will try to expand on some but also do not hesitate to ask questions if you would like more information about some of the topics!

  • Add the campaign link to Kicktraq immediately and then link the Kicktraq Day1  image to the Kicktraq page
  • Set up google analytics
  • Post in Board Game Geek
    • Press Release Forums (3 different locations in these forums)
    •  Games being shipped from within the EU forum
  • Link the Kickstarter on the game’s Board Game Geek page under the pre-Order section
    • (this can be set up ahead of time with a target start date to coincide with launch), but make sure it is active.
  • Twitter
    • Post on twitter and pin the tweet to my feed
      • Also add the KS link in as the link on my twitter profile.
    • add the kickstarter link to my twitter profile (If I didn’t already do this with the preview page)
  • Facebook
    • Post on Letiman Games company page and pin post
    • Post on personal page
    • Post on KS Board games, KS Games, etc  (all promotional groups, not the advice groups)
  • Post on Instagram
  • Post on Crowdfundingforum.org
  • Place an ad banner for the campaign on every page of my website and link them all to the campaign
    • Do this a week ahead of time and just publish the changes on morning of launch
  • Make sure any day of launch podcast interviews and game previews get linked ASAP.
  • If I haven’t emailed the following people already about the campaign (within 48 hours of launch) then I contact:
    • My company email/newsletter list
    • Previous campaign backers through a campaign update
    • Our local game groups (meet-ups, boardgame groups, local indie developers, etc)
  • Email board game news outlets with a news announcement
  • Post on reddit
    • r/crowdfundedboardgames
    •  r/ kickstarter
  • Take out ads on Project Wonderful

This is the main portion of my launch day morning. I hope I didn’t forget anything. Please comment and let me know if there is anything you do that I didn’t mention. Thanks for checking this out and good luck with your campaigns, don’t lose your mind on launch day!

This lesson was originally posted on Dan’s Blog: Lesson #4.
Header photo: Pencil by Laddir Laddir (CC-2.0-BY)

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