Lesson #17 – How the Indie Game Alliance can help your Kickstarter Campaign succeed

Recently, Dan had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Holden, the founder of the Indie Game Alliance (IGA), a group formed to help smaller publishers unite to make a bigger splash in the board game industry. He provided some insight on the IGA, what they do for publishers, and how they can help a publisher’s campaign before, during, and after their campaign!

Dan Goes Inside Dragon Dodge

Today, Dan discusses the current Kickstarter campaign by Hidden Creek Games: Dragon Dodge. He talks with these first time creators about the challenges they faced, components, art and reviews. 

Dan Goes Inside Pinball Showdown

Dan chats with Diane Sauer about her current Kickstarter campaign, Pinball Showdown, her fifth campaign. He asks the veteran creator about about what she’s learned from those earlier campaigns and mistakes she still made preparing for this one.

Michael Eskue on Trash Pandas and the Fun of Collecting Trash

Interview with designer, Michael Eskue (Darkrock Ventures and Council of Verona),  on his new game (co-designed with Lisa Eskue) – Trash Pandas.  A push-your-luck, take that, set collection game that is one of the finalists in the Hasbro Gaming Lab Contest.